Saturday, 26 November 2011

Norweigan Prisoners Release Music CD, Norway

Prison Art Exhibition, Trinidad and Tobago (Updated),142398.html

Art School in Karachi Central Prison, Pakistan (Updated)

Prisoners Receive Music Tuition in Sabarmati Central Jail. Gujurat, India

Performing Arts in Ugandan Prison

Exhibition of Art Created by Political Prisoners in Iran, Canada (Updated)

Prison Art Exhibition Seattle, WA, USA (Updated)

and a personal reflection from one of the artists facilitating work in prison

Former Prisoner Runs Theatre Company in the Bronx, NY, USA

Impact Repertory Theatre from Daphne Chen on Vimeo.

12 Angry Men Performed in Prison, Lebanon (Updated)

New and extensive review of this work -

Hip Hop Workshops at St Louis City Juvenile Facility, MO, USA,0,1786999.column

Old Prison Murals Restored, Eastern State Penitentiary, PA, USA (Updated)

Prisoners & Victims of Crime Make Mural and Film, Pennsylvania, USA (Updated)

Chinese Women Prisoners in "Dance Off"